"In Memorial" Revival Project

Perhaps you have reached this page because you're playing (or trying to play) the videogame "In Memoriam" (aka "Missing: Since January" for US market) or some of its sequels.

These games were developed by Lexis Numérique, and they are based on online infraestructure. The games were published by Ubisoft in Europe and The Adventure Company (acquired by Nordic Games) in USA.

The online infraestructure includes dozens of websites with clues related to the videogames, and these web sites are required to play. This infraestructure was supported and mantained by the developer, Lexis Numérique.

Unfortunately, on 16 June 2014, Éric Viennot, co-founder of Lexis Numérique, announced the judicial liquidation of the company.

On 28 August 2014, servers with contents for these games, included official web www.inmemoriam-thegame.com, were turned down.

In anticipationg of this, I've collected contents in order to re-enable the web sites needed to play the game. I'm going to try to make the required contents online again. It's not an easy task because I've to recreate some dynamic pages built in PHP, deploy a mail server because the game sends emails to player's accounts, etc...

I have not relation with Lexis Numérique or publishers of this game. I am just a player who acquired this game and wants to play it, and I think I have the right to play it. So, I am not required to finished the task, and there is no deadline to be accomplished. Please, be patient and I hope to publish good news soon...


29 August 2014

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for working on it.
    I love this game but I'm stucked for the reason you explained.
    May the force be with you.
    Bye, Guillaume

  2. Thank you very much for doing this! I loved how unique and interesting this game was. There is an ARG going on for a completely unrelated game (Pathologic), and it made me remember how much fun this and Evidence were. Well, I just decided to look into how the servers were doing, and found out everything was shut down. Tried playing the game to see how far I can get and the first link led me here, so great job on that! Not sure how you're planning on doing everything, but could I make a suggest of having a downloadable folder that has everything available for offline use?

    1. My idea is to deploy the contents online. As the online infraestructure for the game includes more than 30 different websites, and I'm not going to buy all domain names, I will develop an application to modify the local DNS resolution of player's PC.

      Most of work is completed. Now I'm playing the game to be sure that there is no issues with communication between original game and my recreation of its online back-office. I hope I will not encounter problems as I progress through the game...

      There are still some problems to be solved, and I don't know if I will be able to beat, like make the game works on Windows 7... actually I'm playing the game in a virtual machine running Windows XP. I know there is other minor problem at the end of the game with a http request launched towards an IP direction that I'll try to deal with it.

      In any case, and unless surprises, it seems that I will be able to finish the task succesfully.

    2. Oh ok, very cool. Whats the problem you have with it on Windows 7 though? Just getting the game to run or getting the new websites to work? I have Win7 and was able to get the game running so I'm guessing it's not that, unless there are some compatibility differences between the US version and the EU version.

    3. In my Windows 7 64bits, game blocks when it tries to reproduce the first video. It's not a problem with online functionalities ... perhaps you use Windows 7 32bits?

      In a virtual machine with Windows XP 32 bits it works okey. I'll try to test it with Windows XP 64 bits and Windows 7 32 bits...

      I use the UK version of game.

    4. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    5. You're talking about the video in the beginning where the Phoenix is chasing Karen through the building? It ran for me no problem and I have Win 7 64 bit. Did you also install the version of Shockwave that comes on the disc? I did that. Maybe the game has problems with the newer version?

      Also, I have the US Game of the Year version, so that might also have something to do with it, since it came out much later than the UK version.

    6. Yes, that video. Fortunately I've reinstalled and now it works. And after applying last update to game (version 2003.4), the first video is okey too.

  3. Hola, soy el autor del blog "Las aventuras del lobo", gran aficionado a la saga IM. Si necesitas ayuda no dudes en contactar en lobo2967@yahoo.es. Saludos

    1. Muchas gracias. Me viene muy bien el documento que generaste sobre el juego. Sobre el por qué se reciben a veces los mensajes y a veces no, te diré que depende de la velocidad con que soluciones los puzzles.

      El juego es el que genera los mensajes que envía a un servidor que usa el juego. Estos mensajes pueden ser para envío inmediato o bien pueden llevar programados un retardo. Al entrar en un puzzle o una nueva fase, el juego genera los mensajes relacionados que envía al servidor. Algunos mensajes con pistas importantes llevan programado el retardo en el envío (que puede ser de media hora, o puede ser de días). Cuando solucionas el puzzle o fase, el juego manda al servidor borrar algunos de esos mensajes. Si se te ha dado bien el puzzle y lo finalizas antes de que se cumpla el retardo, algunos mensajes con pistas sobre ese puzzle pueden ser eliminados por el juego antes de que el servidor te lo remita . Y si te has atascado, cuando el retardo se cumpla el servidor te remitirá el mensaje.

      Otro tema es que se pierdan mensajes de correo remitidos por el servidor, que imagino que a veces pasará. Para evitar estos temas tengo pensado que desde la web de SKL Networks, al loguearte con tus credenciales del juego, puedas ver los mensajes que el servidor te ha remitido, a modo de webmail. Así se podría evitar el tema de los correos perdidos.